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    Case Study: Claire Lim smile with invisalign treatment

    Finally got my orthodontic done! Never regret with my decision as I look so different before and after. I use to have a rounder face and my face is more oval now with more sharpen facial features. It make me feel more confident with my current appearance and the feeling of putting on lipstick are much satisfying now compare with before. I also find that my tooth are much easier to take care now, easier to floss with healthier teeth. Thanks to Lou Dental (located near Sutera mall, johor bahru ) for the beautiful smile I have now! Dr. Lou is a very experienced, professional and responsible doctor - I never need to worry a single thing will goes wrong under him. Thanks to Dr. Lou Chai Hock - I am really very happy and satisfied with my final outcome of completing my orthodontic treatment. Also not forget to thanks to Dr. Stephanie and all the nurses who always being so kind and helpful! Thank you! :) #Lou Dental Center
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      Claire Lim smile with invisalign treatment
    Claire Lim smile with invisalign treatment  

    Case Study: Felia Lim smile with invisalign treatment

    Three years ago I stepped into the dental surgery room, without knowing much how the outcome of the orthodontics treatment would be. I know it is going to be a long process however, I never regret of taking up the orthodontics treatment. I know Dr. Lou from Lou Dental JB is famous in orthodontic treatment, therefore I am quite confident to sign up the orthodontics treatment in Lou dental centre.There were days of endless brushing after meals, but seeing my teeth aligned up slowly was such an enjoyment.

    Today I already done my orthodontics treatment. I am really happy to see the well balanced portion of my face. And, of course, improvement of oral health as well. Special thanks #Loudentalcentre #Loudental for creating my perfect smile. Thank you Dr. @CH Lou for always professional and kind as well. Dr. Stephanie Tan and team from Lou Dental Centre for helping me to overcome this treatment.
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